• image Zio printed combs are decorated using a revolutionary and proprietory printing technology. A variety of prints are available, ranging from animal prints to floral prints. The exceptional vibrance of the colours in these printed combs give them an excellent look and are loved by millions.
  • image Action series combs with their innovative actions make your everyday comb a smart comb. You can use the special action combs for various uses ranging from blow drying, conditioning, shampooing and many more.
  • image FeatherFeel custom printed combs add that touch of personalization for our clients to make for the perfect corporate or personal gift or freebie. FeatherFeel can offer you exclusive printing options for unique selected prints and/or names on any model of your choice.

FeatherFeel is a pioneer of feather touch combs. Our innovative manufacturing process ensures exceptional smoothness and style in our combs that provide a one of its kind combing experience for high quality hair care. What’s more, you can do away with the boring blacks and browns and enjoy the smoothness with an exciting range of colours and prints!

FeatherFeel’s exclusive Zio Printed Series is a unique collection of designer printed combs. Developed using revolutionary printing technology, the vibrant colours of the Zio combs are loved by all.

FeatherFeel also features a Special Action Series range. Stretching the imagination of what you can use a comb for than mere detangling and combing, the FeatherFeel Action Series combs have products for diverse needs - ranging from conditioning, shampooing to blow drying.

A FeatherFeel comb is not just a comb it’s what you will grow to treasure as your most loved accessory.

We pamper our users to find a comb that matches every look, mood and need.

Feel the difference with FeatherFeel combs! A new world of combing!

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